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Harry - Wing Chun Instructor

Harry began training in Wing Chun in London back in the 1980's. It was a modern time of great turmoil in the Wing Chun community with the devision and controversy between the Traditional and Modified versions of the art and it's practitioners. The arguments boiled down to who had received more of the original art with all its trade secrets from Sifu Yip Man and who had received and was teaching a less complete version.

It was down to the student to ask a lot of questions and check out all the available Masters. Harry did just that, with the mindset of which was the most functional for self defence. He trained with a lot of different Wing Chun practitioners from various lineages and gained a lot of insight and experience during a unique and unforgettable time for Wing Chun in the UK.

It was the Traditional Wing Chun lineage of Grandmaster William Cheung that I settled on and that system that I fell in love with and still enjoy today.

You never stop learning and growing in Wing Chun and I'm fortunate enough to still be able to train with Sifu Dominic Békés. Sifu Dom was trained by Grandmaster William Cheung. He also produced a number of the Grandmaster's videos on Traditional Wing Chun when the Grandmaster stayed here in the UK.

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Harry - Wing Chun instructor