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Welcome to Kent Wing Chun

"There is no difference in who started to study first;
the one who achieves accomplishment is first."

Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art which originated more than 300 years ago from the Shaolin Temple by the Buddhist Nun Ng Mui, and was devised to bring down the length of time to produce a fully skilled martial artist from 18 years down to just 5 years. She passed her knowledge onto a young orphan girl named Yim Wing Chun, where of course the style gets its name. The name represented "Hope for the future" with the birth of this new more efficient form of Kung Fu.

Traditional Wing Chun is a precise form of combat and self defence designed to finish the opponent quickly and swiftly. Wing Chun can be practiced by people of all ages, sizes, shapes and degrees of physical ability. It is equally applicable to both men and women. Wing Chun uses structure, timing, speed rather than strength.

Some Benefits to be gained from practicing this style of Kung Fu are self-defence, increased and improve mental focus and self esteem, balance and reflexes, better spatial awareness, relaxation, relieves stress along with many other benefits and life qualities.

Wing Chun

Harry practising with the Butterfly knives
Sifu Dominic Békés and Grandmaster William Cheung
Sifu Dominic Békés and Grandmaster William Cheung